General FAQS

Why is juicing good for me?

Juicing is great for you! Aside from the fact that you’ll feel amazing after drinking a fresh pressed juice, you’re making it easy and convenient for your body to get it’s daily required intake of fruits and vegetables. We press three pounds of produce into every 16oz bottle, which means you’re consuming a ton of plant based nutrients. How can that not be good for you, right?!

Why is cold-pressed juicing better for me than a centrifugal home juicer?

The way we look at it is simple… if we’re going to invest in great quality produce, then why not get the most out of it. We ‘cold-press’ the produce, so that no heat is ever involved in the process. When heat is involved, usually from the motor of a standard centrifugal juicer, you actually end up losing many of the valuable vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. By cold-pressing the fresh fruits and veggies between two cold steel plates, straining, and bottling all within minutes, you’re keeping the integrity of the produce intact. This process ensures that you’re getting a higher concentration of all the essential nutrients than if you were to juice it with the ‘heat’ method. Plain and simple, cold-pressing is better.

Where is your juicing facility?

We juice seven nights a week at our commissary in Van Nuys, California.

Why is a juice cleanse good for me?

There are actually many wonderful reasons to cleanse! The most common being to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and chemicals. A cleanse is also a great way to reset after a big holiday or vacation, when a lot of us tend to let go of some of our healthier restraints. A short cleanse is an excellent way to reset the palate and increase cravings for healthy foods. You can also do an alternating day cleanse, where you juice for a day or two and then do a raw diet on alternating days for about a week. Alternating day cleanses are a great way to transform your diet and eating habits on a whole.

Can I exercise during a cleanse?

Light exercise is fine during a cleanse, but anything too strenuous should be avoided unless you are doing an alternating day cleanse.

Can I work during a cleanse?

Of course! Though it is advisable to stay in close proximity to a restroom - lots of liquids!

Can I drink coffee during a cleanse?

Caffeine is a stimulant, so if the purpose of your cleanse is in fact to cleanse your system of toxins and harmful chemicals then we would not recommend drinking coffee while cleansing. However, as stated above, there are many reasons people cleanse! If you are someone who is cleansing to reset their system or their palate there are those individuals who choose to make the coffee exception. If you’re really in need of that caffeine kick, but also want to kick the coffee habit, our Matcha green tea is a great substitute!

How often should I cleanse?

Cleansing is a personal experience and the frequency and duration is based entirely on the individual. Some people like to do a big cleanse once or twice a year, some like to do short cleanses after holidays and vacations. It’s all about your body and what makes you feel good!

How many days should I cleanse?

You can cleanse anywhere from a single day to a whole month! We recommend 1-3 days if you’re new to cleansing. More experienced cleansers can extend their cleanse as long as their body is feeling good about it. You can also alternate days, juicing for a day or two, eating raw for a day or two, back to juicing, and so on.

How do I prepare for a cleanse?

Before starting a cleanse it is advisable to prepare your body, especially if it’s going to be a bit of a shock to your system. A day or two before starting your cleanse try to stick to raw fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

How do I come off of a cleanse?

You come off of your cleanse the same way you go on! You want to ease your body back into solid foods, so for the first couple days after your cleanse you’ll want to stick to raw fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. You can also continue to incorporate juices while your body adjusts back to a solid diet.

Will I lose weight during a cleanse?

Some people do lose weight while cleansing, but it is important to remember that cleansing is all about creating a healthy, clean environment within your body. Weight loss is not guaranteed.

Will a cleanse screw up my metabolism?

A longer cleanse can impact your metabolism, fortunately in our cleanse we incorporate chia seeds - an excellent source of protein, omega-3, omega-6, and fiber! Chia seeds are incredible for your digestive system and metabolism. If you are planning on doing a cleanse for extended length of time, you may want to consider an alternating day cleanse or incorporating some raw fruits and veggies and nuts into your cleanse.

What is the shelf life of your juices?

Our juices are pressed through the night to insure that you have the freshest, highest quality product. As with other cold-pressed, raw juice the self-life is approximately 72 hours. The great thing about cold-pressing is that the process allows our juices to maintain their nutrients over that time span. We also make it easy for you by providing best by dates on the bottom of every bottle.

Do you sell gift certificates?

We do! In the form of Clover Loyalty cards, which you can purchase for a one-time set up charge of a dollar. You then pre-load the card with any amount. $1-$99 earns you 5% back on your loyalty card and $100 and above earns you 10% back on your loyalty card. You can also register your card online so we can track your purchases and let you know when we have specials on your favorite items! Clover loyalty cards make the best gift for any Clover regular.

Do you deliver?

We do! Not only locally, but all over the U.S. Visit us on our website and order today.

Can my office schedule regular weekly deliveries?

We’d love to keep your office healthy and hydrated and can absolutely schedule regular deliveries. For details on product and pricing please direct all inquiries to or call us at 323.609.3903 and select option 3

Are your bottles BPA Free?

They absolutely are! We use BPA Free, PET1 plastic for our bottles & lids, which is the most responsible, easiest to recycle plastic on the market. Please dont forget to recycle your empty Clover bottles!