The Benefits

Our juices are packed with three pounds of produce in every cold-pressed bottle. How is that possible you may ask? It’s simple, that's how much fresh produce it takes to satisfy our standards, and to fill our 16oz bottles.

If you don’t know what three pounds of produce looks like, we can assure you that it’s a whole lot of plant-based nutrients. These nutrients, enzymes and minerals never come in contact with heat and are bottled within moments of being pressed. It’s an art, and we’re proud to say that we’ve mastered it.


We go to great lengths to source our produce locally from right here in sunny California, and what isn’t considered local still needs to meet our very high standards. Our produce is delivered and juiced seven days a week so that you receive nothing but the freshest product.

We created Clover so that we could share our passion for living a deliciously healthy lifestyle, while making it convenient and accessible to all our friends. We believe that food that’s good for you should taste great.